Rainy Day Art and the good/bad of moving…


Rain pours down.  We are former desert dwellers and still get giddy at the sound of the pitter-patter, so we head outside with newly unpacked umbrellas to run and romp in the rain, explore muddy ravines, and make all kinds of observations on our impromptu morning nature walk.  As my children’s laughter rings in my ears and I watch their feet dance in puddles, I’m reminded how sweet and short this season is that we have with our children.  Soon they will be grown and gone.  The days of romping in the rain will be over and quiet will reign supreme.  And I’ll miss all of this.  I’ll miss the noise.  I’ll miss the dirt.  I’ll miss the extra loads of laundry because imaginations ran wild. rain

With all of our wet, muddy clothes in the washing machine, we settled down for some tea and then pulling out our pastels.  I’ve mentioned how much we love these pastel tutorials from Hodgepodge and I’ll say it again; these ebook tutorials are amazing.  They are so clearly laid out and the kids love the finished results.  This morning I uploaded the “American Landmarks” tutorial guide to the kindle since we’ve been learning about U.S. Geography this year.  When Keegan came down for breakfast he made a mad dash for the Kindle when I mentioned that I had uploaded a new set of tutorials.  He :almost: didn’t want to go play in puddles.  But once he realized that we would do BOTH, he quickly downed his breakfast and completed his morning chores along with his brothers so we could head out!pastelcollage

As the new pastel masterpieces started to accumulate, I remembered that these fabulous tutorials are on sale through Wednesday – 50% off!  If you are looking for a no-fuss, no-experience-needed art tutorials, you can’t go wrong with these!  We have both the Simple Start in Chalk Pastels as well as the Shark, Winter Olympics, and American Landmarks.

April 13-15

50% off ALL art curriculumimagination

As for the settling in…  We’ve now been in the Dallas area for a little over a month.  It’s all gone by crazy fast.  Sometimes I wonder if some people just aren’t cut out for moving…  If so, I would be one of them.  The only way I managed to pack up our home in less than 4 weeks was by the grace of God and the help of many dear friends.  After Rich left for Dallas to start his job, I must admit that there were moments where I just froze, not even knowing where to start.  But there was a deadline and we made it.

Now I have another problem – no deadlines to get moved into this new house, in this strange city, without my close-knit community of friends.  I’ve been dragging my feet until I realized that I wasn’t motivated to do much of anything because the house was chaotic.  So we’ve been kicking the unpacking into hyper-drive and Rich has stepped in to help and work alongside me.   Piles of boxes still line the sides of a couple of rooms as I figure out how to organize in a smaller space with less storage areas, but the mood has lifted today.  It is amazing how much a little bit of order can accomplish.

While this was a major disruption in our “normal” it’s been exciting to watch all of us move outside of our comfort zones, experience being the newbie, discover forgotten books as we’ve unpacked, and had ample opportunity to practice extending grace to one another.

We are enjoying our new green surroundings and focusing on the positives of here – lots of green, rain, new bugs, and lots of earthworms.  It’s provided ample opportunity for discovery and forays into imaginative play. But we’ll admit that we are missing our old friends, sunshine, and big Arizona skies…  Knowing we are supposed to be here and the special time we’ve had together as a family has made all of this totally worth it.


An Easter Devotional for You {COUPON CODE ALERT}

The perfect family Easter devotional. Simple, Sensory-Rich, Deep



So I’m on blogging break because I’m packing like a mad-lady, but I had to pop in and share about this really quick.

The weeks leading up to Resurrection Sunday (aka Easter) are some of my favorite – not only when I was a girl, but especially now as a parent.  This is a beautiful season to reflect on the most important event in human history.  God’s plan of redemption unfolds with the death and resurrection of Jesus!

It is so helpful to slow down and dig deep here.  I shared tips on how to make Easter meaningful to children a few years ago, and then last year, my friend OhAmanda came out with a fabulous resource to help parents in the pursuit of teaching our kids about this amazing time in history.  We love it and so even in the midst of packing, painting, wiping boo-boo’s, and trying to make sure they don’t unpack too much right behind me, I had the coherent thought to see if she’d extend ya’ll a coupon code.  Good friends always come through for you! :)

COUPON CODECultivate” can be used to get the book 20% off.  Good through April 4th!

So if you are on the hunt for a great hands-on, sensory-rich approach to making Easter interactions meaningful this year, check out A Sense of the Resurrection.

Here are a few reasons why I’m so excited about this resource!

  • Sensory Rich: Children learn through engaging their senses.  This book masterfully engages each of the 5 senses as it draws our family into a growing understanding of and relationship with Jesus!
  • Bible-centered.  The ebook is your resource.  The family text: the Bible!  She provides Scripture references to read for each of the 12 activities.
  • Provides context and talking points.  So often, parents don’t know where to start with having a conversation about what we read with the Bible and how to unpack these truths with our children.  This book provides that!
  • Only 12 Lessons.  Yes, this is a positive.  The truth surrounding Jesus’ death and resurrection are deep and worthy of pondering.  This is not the time to jam pack schedules with lots of art projects.  I plan on starting next week and doing 2 a week so we have time to ponder and savor how God is speaking to us and what we are learning about His great sacrifice.
  • A Mix of Craft and Activity – Amanda refers to these as building memorials and making memories.  It is a wonderful blend of both which mixes things up.  Surprisingly, I’m not a big arts and craft kind of person.  I’ve blogged about many of our projects in the past, but that is not a daily norm around here.  We do love simple activities that draw us into meaningful conversation.  This beautiful ebook does just that!

She provides a sneak peek at one of the lessons here.

Each lesson consists of the following sections:

Read it together

Do it together/Make it together (depending on if it is an activity or a craft)

Talk about it together

Do more together (there is an option to make a printable flag banner with a symbol for each lesson)

If you are looking for something new to do with your kids this year, you can’t go wrong with A Sense of the Resurrection. Be sure to use my exclusive coupon code, “CULTIVATE” to get 20% off!

I pray you have a wonderful season of contemplating the death and resurrection of Jesus and draw your children into the wonder of it all too!

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