I am MOTHER – protector of childhood…


Childhood is so fleeting.  Seasons come and go.  Life is full of crazy ups and occasional lulls…  And yet time marches on.

And here we are, mothers.  We welcome these children into our arms and into our hearts.  We love them, nourish them, train them, protect them.  In a culture that is crazy hectic, and rarely has a filter, we get to build a hedge.  We get to give our children the gift of a childhood.  We get to pursue an un-rushed life that creates margin, so our kids can spend time being kids.  Unhindered time to develop those important problem solving and interpersonal skills, those skills of negotiation and resourcefulness.  We can give them the time it takes to ponder and take in everything they are learning about the world around them and make sense of it all – time to just be in the moment.

And in the midst of laundry, cooking, and homeschooling, we can steal small moments to soak in their play.  We take mental snapshots of the carefree days of childhood, days spent outdoors with sunlight filtering in through leaves.  We can say “YES” to pleas to collect neighborhood discards for backyard fort creations.  And we can smile as we watch them so seriously at work in the business of play. Oh the beauty of this season called childhood.

You and I are protectors of this childhood.  It’s a beautiful calling…


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My love/hate relationship with preschool art: Kwik Stix to the Rescue

Can painting with toddlers and preschoolers actually be mess-free? Yes, it can. Thanks to Kwik Stix!

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Can I just be honest right now?  I have a love/hate relationship with art.  I’ve never really cared for “craft” projects with preschoolers because it means that I get to make the craft while my antsy toddler or preschooler watches.  Doesn’t that sort of miss the point of letting them do something, if they aren’t actually doing it?  That is why I tend to prefer open-ended art and letting their creative juices flow.

But, BUT… oh, the mess.  When all of mine were little, I’d set aside a day here and there for messy art.  We’d pull out all the paints, I’d smile and soak in the sight of my kids delight, curiosity and creativity at work.  Then I’d take them outside into our hot, dry desert and hose them down…   Want to know what it was really like painting with toddlers/preschoolers in my home?  Here is photographic proof of my glorious life, 5 years ago.  Messy and a whole lot of fun.


Well fast forward a few years and a move to not so dry north-east Texas.  I’m in the throes of homeschooling 3 kids – 3 very unique, often distracted, but oh so very awesome kids.  Homeschooling is taking a lot longer these days and sadly the days of care-free painting with leisurely hose-downs are mostly a distant memory.  I packed our easel because I wanted Greta to experience all of that glorious preschool art. But… the mess.

So when I heard about Kwik Stix, the wheels in my little brain started turning… What if I could give my little girl art – the opportunity to create – without all the mess? What if this could actually be a way for her to explore WHILE I’m homeschooling the boys? So I bit.

Kwik Stix are basically tempera paint in a stick.  No drips, no paint brushes that can so easily be flung around.  It’s paint in a stick that dries within 90 seconds! Yep, I’m game.

I come from the school of hard knocks {see picture above}, so when our Kwik Stix arrived, I made plans to try it out while my little one had my full attention.  Naturally, one of the boys wanted to try them out too.

Kwik Stix provide an easy, mess-free way for kids to create and paint! They are the perfect way to occupy a preschooler or toddler during homeschool time! kwikstix-collage1

Greta was thrilled with her new paint and I promised she could try it again the next day during “school” time.  She was elated.

Because I wasn’t going to be watching her closely, I put her bib/smock on to protect her clothes.  There are no drips, but curious kids can pick at the paint with little fingers and then rub it off on their shirts…  I only do laundry once a week, so I didn’t want to chance her getting a good shirt dirty.

We’re sold.  It was so incredibly easy to supply her with paper and pull out the paint sticks while I grabbed my notebook for a spelling quiz.  She painted, we worked. A win for everyone! Clean up was as easy as grabbing our Kwik Stix and slipping back in a storage box for next time.  This will definitely become a staple in our “occupy the little one while I homeschool” arsenal!

*Kwik Stix GIVEAWAY*  Hurray!

And because all homeschool mama’s with little ones need to stand together and with Christmas right around the corner, I’m doing a QUICK giveaway this week.  One of you, my friends, will win a set of 12 Kwik Stix.  We only have the set of 6 and the colors aren’t nearly as nice as the set of 12.  When we need more, I know Greta will be excited to get her hands on that pink!

The giveaway is open to US residents!kwikstix12

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Want to connect with them?  You can find Kwik Stix on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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