With birthday money from Mima and Pa, the boys received our new coloring utensils in the mail the other day and I just couldn’t wait to see how the boys liked them. I’m not sure who was more mesmerized – me or them…
We love our Stockmar blocks and crayons! I’ve read reviews on these for years. People have raved about the brilliant color, smooth application, lack of waxy film on the paper and the fact that they last so long and are break resistant. As a mom with a bucket full of broken crayons, I was itching to try them. Keegan loves stacking the blocks and all of the boys have been experimenting with how to color with the blocks and enjoying the bright color of the crayons. I’m thinking leaf rubbings are in the near future.

I’m also loving our new Lyra Ferby Pencils (or these longer one’s for older kids). These chubby pencils sport a triangular shape which is helpful for little hands! Not only does it help them hold the pencil correctly, but the larger size also prevents their hands from tiring out as quickly. The colors are so vibrant and beautiful. Xander loves how exact he can get with his drawings.
And yes, we are still obsessed with anything outer space related!


  1. I am so glad you got something the boys really could use. Still need to renew museum membership. Just let me know when.

  2. Oh, we love our stockmar crayons around here! The kids use them daily and they have lasted us a very long time!

  3. How great! I’m curious-where do you keep those crayons? I keep my crayons within reach for the girls so that they can color whenever they want to. But with those I’m afraid. Are they in a special place? Are they that durable?

  4. Jes, I keep them on the counter so they are easiy accessible, but not ‘down’. They can pull them down to color, but must put them back when they are done. We did have to work with them on being respectful with them. But I think they can tell that the quality is higher because they automatically treated them different than their old crayons.

  5. We love our Ferbys! I just ordered 18 more. My dd won’t draw with anything but colored pencils now, but I’m curious about those crayons now…

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