Anytime Art…

Anytime art. simple ways to explore and create!

We love artistic pursuits over here.  Not because I’m especially artistically inclined or talented, but because it is soothing and there is something powerful about CREATING something.

With the intense summer heat, we’ve spent a good deal of our indoor time watercoloring, using finger paints and of course our favorite standby – colored pencils!

But art really is for anytime, anyplace.

Up at the cabin, we only took a few toys (matchbox cars and playsilks) and then plenty of paper, our water colors, colored pencils and playdough.  This time of year it is quite typical to get afternoon storms on a daily basis and so I wanted to be prepared for our cabin bound times…

It ended up being surprisingly dry, but that didn’t halt their desire to paint or draw.  We merely took it outdoors.

The advantage up there was that my sister, a definite artist, was present and gave my little budding ‘artist’ some excellent tips.

(photo’s courtesy of my artist sister!)


  1. mountain mama says:

    awesome!! i’m just not brave enought to get paint out very often…we are a crayon/market/pencil/sticker/paper/hole punch family! 🙂

  2. I love the creative atmosphere in the photos. What treasured memories they will be.


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