Screen-Free Bliss! See you in a week…

Well, after all of my big talk about limiting screen-time, I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to go screen-free myself.  I’m not used to the every-day blogging like I did for this last series and my poor brain is feeling pretty fried.  Ironic, isn’t it?   So as I mentioned 2 weeks ago, next week is national “Screen-Free Week” and we are participating!

I also want to avert any more of this…  My 5 year old decided to color on baseball catcher leg guards one day this week when I was putting last minute touches on a post.  A clear reminder why I must blog when my kids are sleeping.


Plus, I’ll have plenty of time to READ!!! I’m looking forward to Kevin DeYoung’s, The Hole in our Holiness.   Are you reading anything interesting right now?  I’m always looking for interesting books.

We are also going to dive into more books from our Heritage History collection. Remember when I wrote about them?  I read a book about the adventures of Captain Cook on my own.  It was fun spending an evening going back and forth between the book and my globe as I tracked his progress across the Pacific.  I think I’m going to select Heroes of Progress from the Early American CD for my next fun read!  The boys are excited to dive into Stories of Robin Hood for our next read aloud!  By the way, they are having a great sale right now if you want to take advantage of it.
Spring Sale at Heritage History

Also on my MUST DO list: Capitalizing on the last of our spring weather to get outside and enjoy the last vestiges of our desert spring before we hit the 100’s…


desert3 desert2Petroglyphs

On a recent trip to the Blythe area to speak to a homeschool group, some friends took us off-roading and we found these incredible petroglyphs.  I’m thinking we need to go find some closer to home now! 🙂

Ok, signing off.  See you on the other side!

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  1. Enjoy your screen free week! I need to do this very very soon!

  2. Heather Pickle says:

    Hi Heather. It was very nice to meet you today at the Thatcher park. I look forward to reading your blog and visiting with you next month at the convention. ; o)

  3. Wonderful leg drawings! Such a memory that will be–like little petroglyphs on the body 🙂 I’m at the very end of Beth Moore’s study in James. I can’t begin to tell you how fantastic it has been. Have you done any of her studies? Not really the “read” you may have been talking about but that’s what’s taking up my free time, lol! Enjoy your book.
    100 degree weather? Oh my goodness! My favourite 🙂

  4. Christine Miller says:

    You have a true artist in the young man who drew on his legs! All the best to you in your screen-free week. It probably won’t be easy or comfortable but will be good!

  5. Trust your week off was wonderful my friend! 🙂



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