KONOS: Where Learning Comes to Life

A review of KONOS - a multi-level, literature-based, movement rich unit study.

It was a Sunday afternoon and I was 8 years old.  My sisters and I had been busy playing outdoors and were coming in for a drink of water when we noticed our mom tracing circles of various dimensions.  Intrigued, I walked over and asked what she was doing.  She put down the protractor and with a sparkle in her eye told me that we were going to learn about the solar system that week and watercolor the planets.  We were quite taken with the idea and begged her to let us start painting right then!  She agreed and we proceeded to pour over books, making careful plans to properly represent each planet.  While we were busily painting, my dad walked inside.  He teasingly accused my mom of being quite the slave driver – making the kids do school, even on a Sunday.

My reply:

“Oh Dad, this isn’t school.  This is KONOS!”

My homeschool story began just over 27 years ago. As a very active, late-bloomer, I was floundering in school. My parents pulled me out half-way through first grade simply so they could teach me how to read.

Well, they kept going. A year and half later she discovered KONOS.  As an active, kinesthetic type of learner, I was the catalyst that thrust our family into choosing this out-of-the-box learning approach.  But all three of us girls flourished with this literature rich, hands-on learning approach despite our different learning styles (kinesthetic, visual and auditory).  We have a childhood filled with wonderful memories and a vast foundation of knowledge that really stuck due to the multi-sensory approach that KONOS provides.

I love science – especially neuroscience and the learning brain, in case you hadn’t figured out after my recent series on boosting brain power.  As my children approached school age, I knew I wanted my children to enjoy the benefits of these same wonderful learning experiences.  While I designed my own curriculum for preschool and kindergarten, we’ve turned to KONOS once again in recent years.   Can’t you just tell how excited we were when my mom handed me that saved set of KONOS 5.5 years ago?  {note the books hiding my pregnant w/ Trey belly}

KONOS getting passed onto the next generation

What is KONOS?

I love KONOS and the whole philosophy that it is built on – that children learn best by doing, and that your family can learn together, and that learning can be an enjoyable experience!  KONOS is the ‘grand-daddy of unit studies’ and has birthed most of the unit study programs currently on the market today. But several things set it apart from others.

  • Based around character traits. The overarching purpose is to develop godly character through studying various topics. We are learning about ORDERLINESS right now. Within this unit we explore and discover the order of our solar system, the beauty of the seasons as well as classification for plants, animals and rocks.
  • Promotes multi-level teaching. I love creating a home where we learn. When we are all delving into the same topic it goes a long way to promoting this lifestyle of learning as well as saving my sanity. Aside from math and language arts {phonics/spelling/grammar}, we do everything else together as a family. KONOS allows for the same activities to be done together as a family, but provides direction for differing writing assignments, books read and depth to which a topic is explored.
  • Combines living and library books with hands-on, ACTIVE activities. Many programs have crafts, but KONOS does an amazing job at getting entire bodies engaged in the learning process. Yes, I’m pretty passionate about movement and the role it plays in learning…
  • Includes all of the basics except for math, phonics/spelling, grammar. {Makes my life SO much easier!}
  • The timeline gives a visual picture of how ALL aspects of history fit together -scientific discoveries as well as political histories, etc.
  • Incorporates 5 D’s to motivate learners:

In order to motivate learners we need to let them do, discover, dramatize and dialogue BEFORE we move to drill!

The three colorful books I’m holding in the picture above are the 3 ‘original’ KONOS volumes – each containing different character traits and related topics for 2-3 years worth of study.   I love these main volumes because there is such a wealth of activities to choose from – especially when it comes to character development.  If you are like me and love to have lots of choices at your finger tips, than this is a treasure trove of wonderful ideas to help learning come alive and provide guidance for rich dialogue.

But sometimes there are seasons that are busier than others or you may be the type that prefers open-and-go instead of having more control to craft your own path.


This last semester, I decided to use one of the KONOS-in-a-box books.  I knew that I had a lot on my plate and was willing to lose some of the flexibility in planning that I like in order to pursue an easier route.  I have to say that I am so impressed with these curriculum books that go with the in-a-box or in-a-bag series!

KONOS Orderliness Curriculum

The main volumes have general lesson plans, but it still requires you to flip through the book.  The Obedience and Orderliness units were taken out of the main volumes, expanded and put into a daily lesson plan format.  This makes it so much easier to flip through the pages for that week and easily get an idea of what you are going to do.

Each week starts with the following components:

Weekly Objectivesgiving the big picture for the week.
People you will learn about – so you can know who to find maybe an extra biography on.
Vocabulary Words –  to be mindful to incorporate into your conversations and/or use as spelling words
Book Recommendations & Related Library Subjectsincluding dewey decimal search numbers
Additional Materials Needed – so you see at a glance what you might still need.

 KONOS Character Curriculum - everything except math and phonics - clearly laid out!

And then it lays everything out for each day of the week including a daily Bible, literature-analysis and creative writing lessons followed by the classic KONOS hands-on activities to reinforce what your family is reading about.  I wanted to make things extra easy for myself this year, delve a little deeper into astronomy and bring a Christian worldview into it, so we’ve utilized Apologia’s astronomy text.  It’s been a win-win for us to not wade through all of the evolution stuff from the library books plus the rich multi-sensory, movement rich activities from the KONOS Orderliness unit.

This is a perfect option for those wanting to pursue active unit-study-based learning, but want a little more direction along the way.  It is written in dialogue format and doesn’t assume prior knowledge.  You also have the option to order the whole curriculum in a box that includes the main books you’ll need as well as unusual art supplies – again making life easier.

I have to do a shout-out here because my mom, yes MY MOM, helped write the Russia KONOS-in-a-bag curriculum.  She undertook this labor of love while I was in college and wrote all of the Bible lessons and most of the activities that go with this unit.  I’m looking forward to doing this with my own kids in a few years!

A KONOS Curriculum GIVEAWAY!!!

And now to my favorite part!  I know most of us are in full-blown planning mode for next year.  This week you have the amazing opportunity to win a copy of one of the in-the-box or in-the-bag curriculum books!  This is a $65-75 dollar value and an ENTIRE SEMESTER’s worth {or more} of curriculum for EVERYONE in your familySound intriguing?

Jessica Hulcy wants to give away a copy of either the Orderliness, Obedience, Attentiveness, Africa or Russia curriculum books to one of my wonderful readers!   What do you need to do to enter?  Simply make your way over to the KONOS website and explore these five curriculum options and then come back and tell me which one your family would enjoy the most.  Rafflecopter will randomly select a winner and KONOS will send out a copy of one of these books! {note: this is for the curriculum book only, not the extra reading books, art supplies, timeline that comes with the box or bag kit.}

Giveaway for U.S. Residents only.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
{click here to view this post and enter the giveaway}

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DISCLOSURE: I was in no way compensated for this review.  I’ve owned this curriculum for years!  I get asked about it often and am thrilled that KONOS is providing a giveaway of a key ingredient in my homeschool home.


  1. I just started using Konos about a month ago. I am encouraged when I read blog posts with people who have success with the curriculum. We are enjoying it ourselves here. I like the unit study approach- all topics and activities based on one character trait. I would love to win the Africa Konos study.

  2. Kristin DeWees says:

    Obedience!!! Oh I would love to win the Obedience unit!

  3. Obedience! Hands down. What can I say…I think my daughters could use it. 😉

    • Your daughter who loves her ‘princess crown’ would have a blast with this! As girls, we loved the kings/queens unit from a girly perspective and my boys of course loved it for the knights and adventure aspects! And the obedience character building is AWESOME! {Although it is still a work in progress over here. We’re human after all.}

  4. Danna Lockerby says:

    We’d love to try KONOS. I’ve been researching it ahead of convention. We’ d be thrilled with any of them, but if I had to pick…obedience

  5. Leah Looney says:

    We would love to try the obedience study!!

  6. Attentiveness in a box! We have been amazed at KONOS so far, even though we have not begun yet! I have very hands-on learners and love the family aspect of KONOS!

  7. I can’t wait to dive in with you this year as we tackle our subjects! We are really excited. I would love to win the Obedience Box since that’s something we need to work on, hmmmm.

  8. Funny you should write this. I have looked at this repeatedly over the last few weeks but was a little confused about some things. You cleared it up! Thanks.

  9. I looked at Konos when I was just starting the homeschool journey. My husband’s cousins learned through Konos growing up and it sounds fantastic. I love the idea of it all being laid out though because that was the reason I didn’t do it in the first place. Too much planning on my part. It would be great to have on hand!

  10. Oh yeah, forgot to say that the Obedience one sounds good. 🙂

  11. libby thomas says:

    Obedience would be the choice for in a box curriculum

  12. LOVE Konos! We’ve done several of the units from the original volumes. We are currently working in the obedience unit studying horses.

    I would love to try the Konos in a Box – Orderliness. Thanks!

  13. Lacy Sanford says:

    I will be a first time homeschooler this fall. I would love KONOS attentiveness for my three sweet boys. I’ve already chosen my math and LA, this would be a perfect completion to our studies! Thank you for offering it!

  14. Attentiveness! That is the one Box guide I do not have and would love to teach in our group! 🙂

  15. I would love to use the Attentiveness unit with my 4 very INattentive children!

  16. Attentiveness since that’s the one we don’t have

  17. lucy lewis says:

    Would love to try the attentiveness.

  18. We would love the Orderliness box. We would love to try KONOS.

    Karen in tn

  19. Laura Watts says:

    We would love to try this! I think obedience would be our first choice.

  20. I believe we would learn a lot from Attentiveness! Glad to meet someone who uses KONOS (and used as a student) successfully! 🙂

    When we first started homeschooling, I bought all three volumes (the original) and one of the “box” ones, and ended up giving them away. I just felt inadequate to do all of that planning. Now that I have a few years under my belt, I feel confident we could easily use it, and love it! Thanks!

  21. If I won, I would love Africa: The Land of Stewardship. We are going to be studying Africa the first thing next year, but I don’t have what curriculum I am going to use yet.

  22. Would love the orderliness one! 🙂

  23. I’m leaning towards Obedience as well. We’re studying Medeival History next year so it fits in nicely. 🙂

  24. Attentiveness in a box would be great for our family!

  25. Kymberly says:

    Konos! Yay, I am so glad you reviewed this great curriculum! We have been researching this and believe this is a great fit for our family. The obedience unit is our pick! We love God and desire to obey Him!

  26. I would love to win the Obedience package! Thank you for this opportunity!

  27. Kirsten says:

    I’d love to win the Obedience unit!

  28. Definitely obedience! We have 2 stubborn boys that think they know best.

  29. We would love to try the Obedience in a box!

  30. The Obedience one for sure! We could always use more practice in this area! And horses and queens- my girls would be in their glory!

  31. I’d love the obedience set — and have been toying with the idea of purchasing it myself.

  32. Obedience In-A-Box
    Looks fun would love to try it sound fun

  33. Christina P says:

    Obedience in a box looks like a great study for us right now.

  34. Erin o. says:

    I would choose Obedience. Looks so fun!

  35. I have never used KONOS but I think the kiddos would love the Africa study!

  36. I would love to try this! Looks great!

  37. Tammy Crowder says:

    Obedience! Boy do we need that!

  38. Oh, how I wish I had never given away my KONOS curriculum (all 3 volumes! Woe is me!) I would love to have that set again, but since that’s not an option how about Orderliness or Obedience. 🙂

  39. I would love to win the Africa study. My dear, sweet boy (7) wants to learn about the entire continent. This would be a great start.

  40. We would love to try the Obedience In-A-Box. I have a very strong-willed and opinionated three year old, who would benefit greatly from this curriculum. Thank you so much for the opportunity to try to win it.

  41. Obedience!

  42. I just wanted to say that it is so nice to meet another person who has grown up the Konos way. I started homeschooling 16 yrs ago and used Konos. It is the one curriculum that to this day, my kids can still remember most of what they learned. It is tried and true. There are so many new curriculum being published each year that it gets overwhelming. Konos is the best way to teach multiple ages at the same time and help kids to retain what they have learned.

  43. I’m the original Konos blogger from 2005 and used it with both of my teens. I would pick Africa because it isn’t in the big Volumes which I have all 3 of! I love KONOS and plan to use it again starting next year or so with my little boys who are now 2 and 4. My teens are about to be in their last few years of high school, and they are going to help me be teacher this time around! 🙂

  44. Kara Curlin says:

    I would love the oderliness curriculum!!

  45. The Obedience looks like a good fit for us here.

  46. Heather Horton says:

    Would love to try KONOS Orderliness! 🙂

  47. I have been using Konos for 18 years and love it! I have everything, but I would like to win Orderliness for a family in my co-op:-)

  48. LASHELLE says:

    Obedience Unit! That is where we’d LOVE to start.

  49. Sharon Ankerich says:

    I have a horse lover girl so think Obedience would be a GREAT place to start!!!!!

  50. I think I would like the Attentiveness one best. I have looked in to Konos. We are beginning our first year of homeschool with my 5 year old. I was challenged to really get a handle on what they offer from their website. We went with something else because I could not grasp what it was or how it would work. It would be interesting to win this and be able to determine if it would work for us. Thanks! Your post was enlightening.

  51. Amy Martin says:

    Obedience, we need some help with this around here

  52. Kristen says:

    I just started Konos with my son about a month ago. I would love the Orderliness book!

  53. I’d choose the Russia one b/c we adopted our son from Russia and it would help him learn about his heritage.

  54. Oh how I would love Russia! I’ve been looking at it repeatedly!

  55. Konos is the curriculum I’m actually planning to get, so I would LOVE to win!

  56. Oh how I would love Russia!

  57. Attentiveness! We need some help 🙂

  58. Obedience in a box, please

  59. Though I really want the Obedience curriculum I think my children would be more inclined to enjoy the Attentiveness curriculum which would be a good prelude to the Obedience curriculum.

    • We did Attentiveness first and I felt like it was an excellent precursor to Obedience. You have to pay attention before you can obey, right?

  60. I would love the Obedience in a box curriculum. 🙂

  61. Jessica Payne says:

    Obedience. My kiddos could use this as well. 😉 Looks like an awesome curriculum! Thanks!

  62. Mary Smiley says:

    Attentiveness would be a great choice for our family right now.

  63. Chris K. says:

    Obedience box would be my choice-we REALLY struggle with that around here!!

  64. obedience!!

  65. Obedience!

  66. Rebecca says:


  67. I would love to win Africa: The Land of Stewardship

  68. Obedience! Thank you for having this giveaway. I’ve never heard about this curriculum and this seems to be just what we may need!

  69. Kelly McClure says:

    I would love to win the obedience or attentiveness one! 😛

  70. Sarah M. says:

    I couldn’t get the website to load correctly, so I couldn’t choose a unit. But from everyone else’s comments, the Obedience one would be great (especially if it has horses!).

    • haha, maybe we overloaded the server. A bunch of comments came in at the same time… Obedience covers Kings/Queens, Horses and a section on Light/Lighthouses! You’ll love it! The Kings/Queens were a favorite in our girl home growing up and a total hit with my boys!

  71. Rachel B says:

    I’m a home school graduate myself who has just completed 1st grade with my oldest. I’m still definitely in the figuring-out-what-works-best-for-us stage and KONOS looks like an interesting option. I’d love to try the Obedience set. Thanks!

  72. Sarah M. says:


  73. Amy Tolley says:

    attentiveness box would be great thanks

  74. I’d choose Attentiveness!

  75. Freeda Moore says:

    Obedience, please!

  76. Melynda Hoffman says:

    Orderliness FOR SURE!

  77. attentiveness in a box

  78. Julie T. says:

    This sounds great! I would love the one on Orderliness. Thank you!

  79. This looks excellent. I’m just beginning the process of starting HS in the Fall, and this looks great! Obedience, especially.

  80. We’d love to have the study on Orderliness! Awesome giveaway, my fingers are crossed! 🙂

  81. Sounds amazing 🙂

  82. I would love to give this a try with Obedience or Africa

  83. I would get the obedience or orderliness units. These look great!

  84. I think Obedience looks like it would be perfect for my girls.

  85. Karla Sheridan says:

    Would love to win this curriculum.

  86. kristina B. says:

    orderliness for me and my household! I just got introduced to Konos from my mother in law ~Yes, please!

  87. Rayetta Murphy says:

    Love KONOS! I would love to win the Obedience!!!! Something we’re struggling with right now.

  88. I would love the Original set. I had never heard of KONOS, but it sounds amazing!

    • The original set is awesome! But I wanted to let you know that the only one’s available for this giveaway are the curriculum books that go with the in-the-box or in-the-bag set: Obedience, Orderliness, Attentiveness, Africa or Russia.

  89. Renda S says:

    My family would love the Obedience Curriculum!

  90. I would love the Obedience in a box.

  91. Melissa Bryant says:

    Obedience in a box would be great.

  92. Courtney says:

    A friend told me about KONOS and I would love to try the Orderliness box. We could all benefit from a little more order around here!

  93. These ALL look fantastic, but I’m especially drawn to the Attentiveness In-A-Box.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  94. Just the sound of obedience in a box is fantastic.

  95. Susan L says:


  96. I would love to try the Africa in a bag.

  97. Heather Koczan says:

    Looks like this will be a perfect start for our kiddos!

  98. Traci Nygren says:

    Obedience would be wonderful!

  99. Tammie Howell says:

    Wow, after reading them, they all sound great. I have most of the books on hand for the Obedience, but the others tug at me as well.

  100. I am really intrigued with the KONOS curriculum and I would love to start with OBEDIENCE.We definitely need some of that over here!

  101. We would love the Orderliness Unit! We are working our way thru Vol 1, and I would so appreciate some extra “oomph” once we get to that unit!

  102. Tiffany says:

    I had heard of KONOS, but this was my first time looking into it. I would love the study of Africa as Africa has a very special place in our family and hearts.

  103. I would love to win Obedience!!

  104. Stephanie E. says:

    Obedience would be perfect for us!!

  105. Jennifer says:

    We’d love to win the Obedience in a box! Thank you!

  106. I am so excited to read this post! We are moving to Kazakhstan this summer and I am preparing to do the Russia in a Bag when we get started there. How exciting that your mom helped write it! I think Konos will be a much better fit for our family, so after Russia I will definitely continue!

  107. We would love the Attentiveness unit!

  108. Lynne Weeks says:

    Obedience would be my choice

  109. OBEDIENCE!!!

  110. I would love to win Attentiveness in a box. It looks like just what we need! 😀

  111. Obedience…. I’ve heard of KONO’s and think it would be interesting to try with my three sons.

  112. My children would love the Africa curriculum! Thank you for this offer!

  113. I just wanted to tell you what a blessing finding this post has been. I think, in conjunction with five in a row, I have just found something that will work for my future homeschol. Konos looks exactly like what ive been searching for, but couldnt find.

    I think we would enjoy the orderlieness unit. We are BIG on nature and outdoors, so this unit looks like it’d be perfect for us.

    Thank you. 🙂

    • Oh that makes me so happy, Meghan! I just love when we find ‘exactly what we’ve been searching for.’ Those are divine moments for sure. We are big on nature and the outdoors over here too!

  114. I would love to win the Obedience curriculum!

  115. Absolutely the obedience curriculum!!! Thanks!

  116. I love Konos!! We are on volume 1 and would love to elaborate in attentiveness!! 🙂

  117. This is new to me, thank you for sharing KONOS in detail! I think I’d select Orderliness since it covers a lot of what I’m planning for next year, esp the solar system and rocks!

  118. Alana P. says:

    Oh, how I miss KONOS!!! I’d love to get Obedience if I won…

  119. Jessica A. says:

    I love both obedience and attentiveness! It’s so hard to choose I would have to have more time but if I had to choose one now I would go with attentiveness in a box 🙂

  120. liz taylor says:

    I had never heard of this!! I am very intrigued. Starting homeschool in the fall with my 5yo. Thought about MFW but haven’t bought anything yet.
    I would love some obedience!!

  121. Bridgette says:

    I would love Obedience in a box!! Thanks!!

  122. Rebecca says:

    We would love the Africa in a Bag!

  123. Obedience in a box…that would be a blessing!

  124. Mandy Arnold says:

    I would love to have the attentiveness curriculum!!!

  125. I would like to win the russia in a bag.

  126. Sharon G says:

    I would love to win the orderliness in a box! My son and daughter will love this!

  127. Attentiveness in a Box! Thanks for the heads up about a great curriculum!

  128. Would love to have the Obedience Box! We are studying Medieval History next year and would LOVE it! 🙂

  129. Would love to win Orderliness.

  130. Jenifer says:

    I think we would enjoy Orderliness! this would be great for our five kids 9 and under!

  131. Tami Ollervides says:

    I would love Russia!

  132. Natasha says:

    I would love the obedience one!

  133. I’ve love the Obedience in a box!!

  134. Emily Quesenberry says:

    I would love attentiveness in a box……I have three boys…..enough said,lol. I am always trying to keep their attention. My daughter is so much easier when it comes to that.

  135. Jessica says:

    Haven’t even researched Konos, but I’m interested now. 🙂 The Obedience curriculum would be my pick.

  136. We will be using a KONOS in a Box this fall for the first time ever. We are using Obedience, but I’d love to win Orderliness for the second half of our year!

  137. Juliette says:

    Hi, I am just starting to homeschool my kids this year and looking for a Bible based curriculum that I can use. I was trying to make up my own, but its turning out to be a bit harder than I thought. I really can’t afford to buy one a ready made one, and I don’t want to use the public school Connections Academy curriculum. I would love to have the Obedience in a box!

    • Have you tried finding anything used? I know in my area there is a big used curriculum fair every June and there are a couple of facebook groups where you can put out feelers for used curriculum that you are looking for. That is how I found the Apologia Astronomy book that we used to supplement our KONOS Orderliness unit this semester.

  138. Carla Ellendson says:

    I think we would benefit greatly from KONOS Obedience. Thank you for the opprotunity to win!

  139. Steve Thompson says:

    I’d love try Obedience with our 10 year old daughter. She is proving to be a handful and we are running out of ideas.

  140. Tracey M. says:

    I would definitely choose the Obedience unit. I have been looking at the materials for years and would love to actually try it. My daughter is extremely interested in kings and queens. I already scheduled a horse unit and lapbook for this year. The Obedience study covers horses – this would be a great fit and the lapbook could be a supplement. We have been dealing with some disobedience lately and would like to address the issues in a positive way. The Obedience study is a character training study so it may be the answer for our family. Thank you for the opportunity to win this book!

  141. Obedience would be my choice. Not only do my children need to improve in that trait, but they all love the princess/knight theme.

  142. Holly Schaad says:

    I would dearly love to win the Attentiveness book. Thank you!

  143. Kristi F. says:

    We’d love the book on Africa! Thank you for this!

  144. Carrie Homann says:

    Your explanation and review of KONOS has been very helpful. I spent some time looking at my friend’s copy that her mom used with her when she was little. I do like the updated version and the way it’s laid out with lesson plans now. We would be blessed by the Obedience curriculum.

  145. Kristi J. says:

    I’m gearing up for my little boy’s 1st grade year and he is such a science guy! I’ve never heard of this curriculum and it looks so intriguing! I would definitely love the obedience for my first round! Not only would he love it but I think my three year old could benefit too from the hands on approach. Such a great giveaway!

    • It is great for pulling in your younger ones. I’ve constantly been amazed at how much my toddlers and preschoolers have learned right along side the rest of us!

  146. Tammy Baco says:

    I think Orderliness would be great around here!

  147. Writer Mom says:

    We would be interested in the Obedience unit. I have never used Konos before. But I have seen at one of the homeschool conventions. Thank You

  148. We are switching to Konos this would make an switch. 🙂 keeping my fingers crossed 😉

  149. I would start with obedience in a box!! These look really neat!

  150. the obedience in a box for sure! LOL

  151. Jennifer Freeman says:

    Obedience!! It looks like something my boys would thoroughly enjoy!

  152. We would love to try the orderliness with our 8 children! I already own the first volume but can’t seem to get started!

  153. I think the Attentiveness curriculum sounds interesting and covers a lot of things we haven’t studies yet.

  154. I would choose the obedience curriculum. Thanks for this review. We are looking for something new to use and this just may be what we need to get excited about homeschooling again!

  155. My boys would love the Obedience!!! Sounds like so much fun!!!

  156. Christina Hewitt says:

    I would love the Obedience in-the-box. I have been wanting to use Konos but I am one who would like to see something before ordering anything.

  157. Wow! So hard to decide! While I was looking, I was thinking definitely Attentiveness box curricula, then my sons both got really excited looking at the Obedience! So…I’m not really sure which would be a better fit. We struggle with both character qualities here. We are going back to homeschooling after having the boys in a very small Christian school for the past two years due to my health. I think KONOS would be a wonderful way to pull our family back together! Since they seemed to be very interested in the Obedience, I guess I’d be happy with that one too! Thanks for your post & giveaway!

  158. kelly tillotson says:

    id want the orderliness book! thanks for the chance

  159. Orderliness Curriculum =)

  160. Amber W. says:

    I’m thinking Obedience 🙂

  161. Tiffany Miller says:

    Orderliness would be wonderful! Thank you so much!

  162. Kristin DeWees says:

    I don’t know if I am copying the links for my tweets correctly because my entries aren’t updating. (I’m trying hard to win this!!)

    • Let me look into this. I’ve never used this feature before. Are you having trouble copying the direct link or is the rafflecopter widget not recognizing your new entry?

      • Kristin DeWees says:

        I’ve been copying the link to my “tweets” page but I can’t get the individual links to tweets with the directions that rafflecooter said. It will give me the two entries initially but then the next day they are gone. Don’t go nuts over it, you are a busy lady 🙂

        • If you click on the time to the right of your tweet it will bring up a unique url for that tweet alone and not your general twitter page. Will that work if you try that tomorrow morning?

          • Kristin says:

            I finally got the right url. I think the problem was my iPad. I couldn’t get the url from the individual tweet. So I think my first 4 tweets (I guess that is 8 entries) did not register with rafflecopter because I was back to 7 entries today before the one I just put in.

          • Kristin says:

            Or maybe it’s not working. I was back to 7 entries again today. Just letting you know, not asking you to go to great lengths to figure it out!

  163. Yay for this hands on so can’t wait to try it

  164. I’m always looking for new and great curriculum. Thanks for the recommendation. I’m off to check it out!

  165. Alycia A says:

    i would love to get “Attentiveness In-A-Box” i used KONOS with my oldest, 10 years ago, and she loved it!

  166. Obedience!!!

  167. I would love to try the Africa one. I’ve always been intrigued by Konos but have never tried it.

  168. Christy says:

    We would love all of them, but the Orderliness would fit with what we studied this year! How fun!!

  169. Carla C says:

    It is so hard to decide! I have always wanted to try Konos and they all look fun. I guess the Obedience one would be a good starting point. Great giveaway, Thanks!

  170. Julia J says:

    Orderliness is much needed in our home. ;D

  171. Lucinda says:

    I think they all look great but i’m thinking orderliness or obedience would be awesome!

  172. Obedience would be our choice for Konos in a Box. My daughter would absolutely love the horse study and the added Obedience study would be a much needed bonus as well!

  173. Alicia Charmbury says:

    KONOS in a box Obedience!

  174. We already have Obedience, and it was a hard choice between attentiveness and orderliness but I think I would go with attentiveness.

  175. Patience! My kids could use this one 😉

  176. Thank you for writing a review on this. I have seen this curriculum around the web in various place and thought no this isn’t for me. I guess I just couldn’t visualize it. Now that I have a much better idea I will definitely put this on my maybe/wish list of homeschool curriculum. I would love to win it. That would just be spectacular.

  177. Jessica says:

    Ohhhhh! With one year of homeschool under my belt, I know I would love this curriculm. I like the Kono in a box the best. May have to check into this one for next year.

  178. Amberlee B says:

    I would love the Obedience-in-a-box! Thanks!

  179. Rebecca Jacobson says:


  180. Awesome~!!

  181. Christine Fox says:

    I have heard amazing things about KONOS, but I have not had a chance to try it. I am looking forward to utilizing it this year in our homeschool.

  182. Linda Bossle says:

    I would love to have the Russia or Africa book.

  183. Africa please! thanks for this wonderful opportunity!

  184. Both Orderliness & Obedience look great.

  185. So glad to have found this site. This will be my first year.

  186. Carolyn Aleksa says:

    I want to try Konos with my 2 young boys. They are very active and need hands on learning. I would love the obedience box. I want to see them desire to learn again!

  187. kelly phipps says:

    Hi Heather!

    I preferred to email this question to you through your contact link but I keep getting an invalid security code.

    I have been doing a lot of curriculum research lately. I am going to try KONOS with my 1st grade son. My other two sons are too young yet. I was fortunate enough last week to mention KONOS to a new friend at our co-op. She had a copy of volume 1 and gave it to me! hooray! however, I was curious to know if having a newer edition would be needful or not. The last copyright date listed on my copy is 1997. You use the same editions your mom used for you, correct? Are there newer editions and are they different enough to consider purchasing over a much older but free copy? I cannot seem to find information on different editions on their website or elsewhere.

    Thank you for your time.

    Kelly Phipps


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