A Beautiful Way to Develop a Christian Worldview {Giveaway + Free Discipleship Tool}

How to use Hidden in My Heart CD's in discipleship + a {FREE} download to help parent's bring spiritual conversations into everyday life.FYI: I received this free product & was compensated for my time in exchange for an honest review.

Hidden in My Heart – Musical Discipleship Opportunities

Oh boy, do I have a treat for you. I get asked periodically to revisit the topic of developing a Christian worldview in the early years and I’m excited to share about it again today. How do we help our young children develop a Christian worldview? What does it mean to have a worldview? In a nutshell, it is having a biblical framework through which to filter every thought and subsequently any outward action. As our children get older, we can be more intentional about doing this in a systematic way. But in the early years especially {and really at any age}, it is best done in a natural integrated way. One of the most powerful ways to equip our children to walk with Christ and view all of life through this lens is to model it for them and to draw them to the Word. We need to be saturated with the Word so that the Spirit can bring those truths to mind when we need them most. We need to be able to live out what we believe.

I’ve found these 3 elements vital in my own upbringing and in the way that we are living out and passing on our faith as a family:

1. Saturate them in the Word.

2. Talk about these truths.

3. Apply them in real life situations.

Saturate them in the Word

I can’t emphasize the importance of being in the Word. In a world where we are assaulted with lies all day about who we are, who God is and the seduction of sin, we need to be saturated in the Word.

One way to do that is through music. I’ve always loved Scripture set to song and have a whole collection of CD’s that I’ve accumulated over the years.  But none are as beautiful and powerful as my most recent find. We’ve been playing the Hidden in My Heart {a lullaby journey through Scripture}CD’s in our home for the last month or so and loving it. There are currently two volumes out, but a third will be released soon.  Most other CD’s that I have are passages from one translation set to song. Sometimes it works well and other times they are musically a little awkward. Hidden in My Heart utilizes several different translations to weave together songs that are both scripturally sound, but also still lyrical. We’ve been listening to them in our home at two distinct times of day:

1. At Bedtime. They are peaceful and calming. The scripture passages that were chosen speak truth to young minds as they wind down and go to sleep. The brain continues the process of internalizing these truths even after they fall asleep. I love how this arms them with truth before falling asleep. One of my boys has had a problem with nightmares and we’ve worked with him on praying and asking God to give him peace and remove fear when that happens. It has made a dramatic difference when he invites the Holy Spirit to wage these battles on his behalf.

2. During the Arsenic Hour. It can get a bit hairy around my home during that period when I’m making dinner. Sometimes, the boys just need to be booted outdoors. But other times, we just need to calm down. This works beautifully to calm everyone during this time and encourages my soul while I prepare dinner. {That’s right, mom needs this too!}

The more we can saturate our minds and our heart with the TRUTH, the more the Holy Spirit can bring that truth to mind to combat those lies we hear day in and day out.

Talk About These Truths

We need to not only be bringing Truth to our children, but we need to talk to them about it. Remember that passage in Deuteronomy that tells us to talk about the Word with our children as we walk along the road as we sit down and as we stand up? Yes, we need to be talking to them about the Lord – who He is, who we are – either apart from Him or tucked in with Him. And we need to be talking about God’s plan for our lives and how Scripture guides us in our day-to-day living for Him.

Apply and LIVE OUT these Truths

As we sing these songs, or read Scripture, we need to be talking with our children about what they mean.

We need to take these abstract truths and help our kids apply them to REAL life situations. There are so many out there that know the truth, but have no idea how to apply it to their life. What are we to do when we feel unsettled, when our minds are full of noise? What do we do when we are stressed, worried or sad? How are we to live this rich life that God has in store for us? What role does God actively play in our daily lives? These are things we need to be thinking about, connecting in our own lives and helping our children navigate through.

Free parenting tool download to help you talk with your children about living out our faith in everyday life that goes along with the Hidden in My Heart scripture lullaby cd's!

I put together a special resource to help you use these beautiful scripture passages as a starting point to having spiritual conversations with your kids.   This printable download has talking points and conversation starters to help your kids apply the Word to everyday life based on the songs from Volume 1 of the Hidden in My Heart series.

Be sure to hop on over and visit the Hidden in My Heart website. You’ll find samples of all the songs and information on how to buy one or all 3 of them.

You can connect with them on facebook, twitter and youtube.

And because it is the season of giving, I have a super sweet giveaway for you. Enter the rafflecopter widget below for a chance to win one of two Scripture lullaby CD of your choice.  Just let me know if you’d pick Volume 1 or Volume 2. The giveaway is open to those over 18 and they will ship outside of the U.S too!  Giveaway ends December 6th.  The winners will have 48 hours to respond to my email to claim their prize.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

While I received this product for review, I’m incredibly picky and only select items that I want to use within my own family and feel will benefit you in your pursuit of intentional parenting and inspired learning! Read my full disclosure here.


  1. Would love to use this with my 4 yr old girl. I’m afraid my 17 yr probably wouldn’t listen to it at this point :) Thank you!

  2. I would love to start out with the first Volume, please!

  3. Just checked out both on their site and I LOVE vol. I!!!!

  4. Love these CDs and would love getting volume 3 :-) THanks Heather for the guide!!!

  5. Debbie Willis says:

    Thanks for sharing helpful resources, Heather! My 5 year old daughter loves to listen to music at bedtime. May as well start with Volume 1.

  6. You are fantastic!

  7. Wow, these sounds amazing! I’d love to have both volumes playing in my house.
    Let’s start with Vol. 1. I’d like to win that! =)
    Jasmine recently posted…Just in Time for Thanksgiving – a NEW eBundle Sale for You!My Profile

  8. The first volume looks great, but there are so many scriptures on the second volume that are particularly special to me. I’d love to have this way to plant these verses in my kids’ hearts.

  9. I would love to have both volumes, they are amazing! I wouldn’t mind winning the 1st one!

  10. We’d love to win Vol. 2. We’ve had vol. 1 playing for awhile and would love to change it up and enjoy some new amazing, beautiful music.

  11. I’d love to start with Volume 1. A friend of mine told me about these when my daughter was having bad dreams and I have yet to get one.

  12. I really like Volume 1! Even for me.

  13. I would love to share theses cds with my kids! Volume 1 and 2….Gods word is awesome.

  14. Thanks for giving this away to a family who’ll be so B-L-E-S-S-E-D!! We love Scripture put to music for kids in our house, so let’s start with Vol. 1.

  15. Grietjie Thorne says:

    I was thrilled when I saw you are reviewing this! A friend recently directed me to their website and I loved the samples I listened to. Thanks for the great review. We would LOVE to have Volume 1.

  16. Salomie Wiehahn says:

    I have recently been introduced to these CD’s by a friend of mine. They are absolutely beautiful, and the music just draws one into a time of rest and reflection on God’s word. I can just imagine playing this is our house during mornings and evening times, especially when the children are getting ready to settle down before bed-time. Would love Volume 2! But then again, it would be fantastic if my friend, Grietjie Thorne, could have her Volume 1…..:-) x

  17. I keep seeing these and even follow them on Facebook but have never pulled the trigger to buy them. I may just have to if I don’t win here!! Thanks, Heather!
    Jessica C. recently posted…Knock, Knock….Housekeeping!My Profile

  18. My son & daughter sings all day long, usually something they made up or what we read. What a better reason to read & speak the Word everyday! Thanks for just confirming that to me again!

  19. We would love to have Volume 1.

  20. What a great giveaway! Would be happy with either volume!

  21. Abigail Sampson says:

    I would choose Volume 2! Love these CD’s!

  22. Stephanie Fay says:

    I would love to win volume 2. Thanks for the opportunity!! :)

  23. I would love to win Vol. 1 because I have a thing about having all volumes… And I would buy Vol. 2. because I would need the complete set. hehehehe
    Jessica Wilhelmsen recently posted…New Blog! http://www.motherpundit.wordpress.comMy Profile

  24. Donald Durham says:

    I’ve been hiding His Word in my heart since I was a child, so it has been only natural to continue that practice with my children and now my grandchildren! I am blessed to be sowing this as a part of the heritage I will leave…

  25. Would like to use this with my two kiddos. Have been working on teaching them the importance of hiding God’s word in their hearts!


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