Ditch the Guilt and Embrace Real-Life Learning

Embracing the beauty of real-life learning and all of the opportunities that this season provides!

Sometimes as homeschool moms, we can have a tendency to heap guilt on ourselves.    We want to do it all and do it every moment.  Sometimes we can forget that there are seasons and that for the homeschool family, those “seasons” might look different than for those in school.  Our seasons will probably even look different than other homeschool families.

I’m writing over at The Busy Mom and sharing about the excitement and opportunity that this month affords families as we watch real-life learning kick into high gear!  Join me?


For our family, we’ve had to push through a little later than usual, but we’ll be shelving the school books tomorrow and taking to the outdoors, the kitchen and of course cuddling up on the couch with some great books!   I’ll most likely be continuing to take a bit of a blogging break as we slow down and enjoy this season together celebrating the birth of Jesus!


  1. I trust you have had a lovely time of quiet in your home my friend. (I suppose it’s never really truly *quiet*…but, restful…peaceful….I am sure it has been those things.) Hugs to you! Camille

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