Making Math Mission Possible today…

Mixing up lessons with fun props!

This morning was fraught with tears as we continued to pick up dropped studies from last week.  We stripped down to just a few things last week as we buckled down to pull everything together for our state’s homeschool Mid-Year Refresher and Leadership Conference that Rich and I organized.  Our theme for the Leadership Conference was Mission Impossible and in a moment of naivete {I struggle with super-woman syndrome} I decided to tackle both speaking and organizing everything. {Word to anyone out there tempted to try something similar – DON’T DO IT!}

Thankfully, playing the Mission Impossible theme music over and over again as I pulled various aspects of the event together helped propel me forward and came to my rescue this morning.

As the tears came at the intro to a complicated new math concept today, this secret agent mama pulled out the brain breaks cards {oh yes, they are on sale this month w/ coupon code: NewYear.}, sent the boys out running around the block for added good measure and then finally pulled out left-over 3-D glasses from a mixer we did at the conference.

And this my friends, was what finally sent him from tears to crowing in triumph as the lights went on and he saw long division with remainders in a whole new light! 🙂



And our little Greta is now busily trying to figure out brain breaks.  She has special fascination with head-stands! 🙂  Batman flew to her aid!headstandcollage


  1. Haha, love the pics 🙂
    My kids LOVE your brain breaks and use them everyday!

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