Gifts That Inspire Our Children’s Faith

Following Jesus is a grand adventure.  Here are some books that will inspire your children in their growing relationship with Him.

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We get to introduce our children to Jesus, friends.  Have you paused to think about that lately?  On my drive home tonight from speaking to a mom’s group I was struck with the enormity and yet simplicity of this charge.  Nothing can have a greater impact in the lives of our children.  It is both humbling, exciting, and sometimes nerve-racking.  It shouldn’t be nerve-racking, but I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes it is as I look around and see friends falling away from the faith and young adults headed down the path of destruction.  It’s at times like this when the Holy Spirit whispers deep into my soul and reminds me that GOD is the one who saves.  I need to trust Him with the lives of my precious family. My job is merely to love the Lord, love my kids and introduce them to the grand adventure of walking out a life radically transformed by his grace.

The part about God loving flawed people?  Check.  That is on full display for my children.  There is no hiding my flaws. You all might not see them, but my kids do. And this gives me ample opportunity to humbly point them to the only one that can change us.

So yes, one of my favorite parts about parenting is walking out my faith, my oft-times messy faith, in front of my kids and continually pointing them to Jesus.  My prayer is that He will continue to capture their hearts as they follow Him.

While you can’t give them a gift that will grant them faith {that gift comes straight from Jesus}, we can, however, seek to inspire their faith and help them grow.  And what better way to do that than through the power of narrative and story.  So here are a few of my favorite children’s books that inspire us in our relationship and walk with the Lord.

Picture Books
That’s When I Talk to Godbook2  – This is one of my newest favorite books!  It winsomely draws my kids into the story where they learn that prayer is not something that simply happens at bedtime or the dinner-table.  We can talk to God all the time.

That’s Where God Isbook1 – We also love this book by the same author.  Both of these books delightfully draw you into the wonder and glory of a relationship with God and seeing his hand in creation and life circumstances.  I loved these so much that I promptly ordered some extra copies to give as gifts!


This isn’t a picture book, but I couldn’t help but share about these Scripture CD’s.  When the tension starts to rise in our home, one of us will usually to pop this in.  The music is soothing and the truth of scripture penetrates deeply.


biblePicture Bible – I loved this comic book style Bible as a girl and read it over and over again.  Each of our boys own a copy and they eagerly pull it out for their personal devotional time each morning.  I’ve found that sometimes they’ll even grab it for our quiet hour (our extension of naptime because we all need an hour of quiet).  It’s exciting to hear my boys talk about the biblical account that they are currently reading in this Bible.  It is a fun way to encouraging Biblical literacy.

book4His Mighty Warrier: A Treasure Map from Your King  and His Little Princess: Treasured Letters from your King are two book4bbeautiful devotional books that you can read with your children.  I guess they could read them on their own, but there is something so special about reading these beautiful letters that inspire our children to pursue Jesus and enjoy the treasure of knowing Him alongside them.

Christian Heroes: Then & Now << Using biographies to explore what it means to follow Jesus.Biographies are powerful.  There is nothing quite like reading about how faith looks lived out in ordinary lives as God enables them to do extraordinary things for Him.

I love the YWAM series Christian Heroes: Then and Now.  The stories are not only engaging, but they build our faith as we catch a glimpse of others walking out their faith.  I’ve borrowed these, but don’t own any yet.  It’s a series that is on my radar to own as I want my children reaching for these kinds of stories when they are looking for something to read!  You can get them in sets to save about $2/book or buy them individually.

Christian Heroes: Then and Now, books 1-5: biographies about Gladys Aylward: The Adventure of a Lifetime, Nate Saint: On a Wing and a Prayer, Hudson Taylor: Deep in the Heart of China, Amy Carmichael: Rescuer of Precious Gems, Corrie ten Boom: Keep of the Angels’ Den.
Christian Heroes: Then and Now, books 6-10: Eric Liddell: Something Greater Than Gold, William Carey: Obliged to Go, George Muller: The Guardian of Bristol’s Orphans, Jim Elliot: One Great Purpose, Mary Slessor: Forward into Calabar
Christian Heroes: Then and Now, books 11-15: David Livingstone: Africa’s Trailblazer, Betty Greene: Wings to Serve, Adoniram Judson: Bound for Burma, Cameron Townsend: Good News in Every Language, Jonathan Goforth: An Open Door in China
Christian Heroes: Then and Now, books 16-20: Lottie Moon: Giving Her All for China, John Williams: Messenger of Peace, William Booth: Soup, Soap, and Salvation, Rowland Bingham: Into Africa’s Interior, Ida Scudder: Healing Bodies, Touching Hearts
Christian Heroes: Then and Now, books 21-25: Lillian Trasher: The Greatest Wonder in Egypt, Wilfred Grenfell: Fisher of Men, Florence Young: Mission Accomplished, Loren Cunningham: Into All the World, Sundar Singh: Footprints Over the Mountains
Christian Heroes: Then and Now, books 26-30: C.T. Studd: No Retreat, Rachel Saint: A Star in the Jungle, Clarence Jones: Mr. Radio, Count Zinzendorf: Firstfruit, Brother Andrew: God’s Secret Agent

It doesn’t have to be a real-life story to have an effect on our heart.  I love reading fiction that draws us closer to the Lord.  Here are our family’s favorites!

bookDangerous Journey: The Story of Pilgrims Progress – We adore this version of the world-famous, much-loved classic Pilgrim’s Progress. It is an abridged version, obviously, but I love how it uses the original words to weave a gripping narrative. The illustrations are vivid and riveting. They are intense, so you will want to wait on this book if your child is easily frightened.  This beautiful book makes an ideal gift that you’ll find your children reading over and over and over again!

Ivan and the Hidden Bible < a glimpse of a boy standing up for his faith in communist Russia.Ivan and the Hidden Bible – This was a favorite of mine as a girl and I introduced my oldest to it last year.  It follows a Ivan, a boy living in the USSR, as he experiences persecution for their Christian faith and the exciting discovery of their family Bible that was hidden away when communism first fell.  It provided a wonderful opportunity to discuss communism and how to stand up for your faith – even as a kid!  There is a whole series and I’m excited to see them back in print again!

Imagination Station Book!Imagination Station Series – These books go into various points in history and engagingly draw the reader into the lives of those living out there faith!  The boys received this series from their grandparents last year for Christmas after we fell in love with the first book.  Each book has been read at least twice in the last year.

Do you have any favorite books?  I’ve shared more of my faith-building favorites in these two posts:

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  1. Hands down, an all-time favourite is “Little Pilgrim’s Progress” by Helen Taylor. Great series my friend. Hugs to you! 🙂

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