5 Great “Faith-Building” Chapter Book Series for Boys

Here are 5 series that will inspire your kids in their Christian faith, books that they'll want to read again and again. This post may contain affiliate links.

Books make such wonderful gifts.  But for active boys, the element of adventure is paramount. These books are certainly not for boys only, but for any child that loves adventure! Finding good books that inspire our children is high on my priority list.  I can remember the countless hours I spent reading adventure books as a girl and especially loving the one’s that encouraged me to live radically and yet practically for the Lord.  My desire is to encourage the budding faith in each of my children and inspire them to pursue God whole-heartedly.  It’s easy to get a hold of books at the library, but for my home library I prefer to buy a few classics and then plenty of out-of-print living books in addition to books from a Christian worldview.  These kinds of books are becoming increasingly harder to come by at the local library and these are the books that I want my children to reach for again and again.  So here are 5 wonderful series that might bless your family as much as they’ve blessed ours!

  1. Imagination Station Series – (aimed at 6-12 year olds) I mentioned them in my general post on books that inspire faith last week. There are 14 fun books in this series that follows two cousins as they travel back in time via the Imagination Station to witness various events in history.  They are exciting, full of adventure, and have seamlessly woven in faith lessons.  We read the first book for a boys book club and were hooked.  We’ve gradually been building up our collection and currently own the first 9 books.  You can buy them individually or in sets of 3 (books 1-3, 4-6, 7-9) or buy the whole set at once.
  2. Sugar Creek Gang Series – (aimed at 9-14 year olds) Amazing lessons of courage, faith, & friendship are tucked into each of these adventures.  We own the first 16 books and my 10 year old has read them all at least twice.  Now my 8 year old is working his way through them.  I love how they weave everyday Christian thoughts and messages into it from a young boy’s perspective. You can buy them in groups of 6 books, or just start with the first one and see if your kids like it.
  3. LightKeepers Set: 10 Boys Who…  (aimed at 9-14 year olds) I want to raise world-changers, children who are inspired to do whatever it is that God has in store for them.  Stories have an ability to inspire our kids to do just that and this series is no exception.  (I love the girl set too!)  Our children need real-life heroes and these books showcase several of them.  Each book features a biographical sketch about several amazing boys/men and how their faith influenced what they did.  They are not only interesting to read just for fun, they are wonderful to have on hand to go along with our homeschool studies.  The set includes:
    Ten Boys who Changed the World, Ten Boys who Made a Difference, Ten Boys who Made History, Ten Boys who Used Their Talents, and Ten Boys who Didn’t Give In 
  4. Chronicles of Narnia – (aimed at 8+) Do you own this classic series?  If not, I think it deserves a place on everyone’s bookshelf.  My parents owned a paperback set and we wore them out reading and re-reading them.  She ended up upgrading to a hardcover set.  While the kids won’t grasp the allegory without discussion, once they do the depth tucked into this delightful series will continue to grow and deepen the more they read them.
  5. Cooper Kid Adventures – (aimed at 10-18) Don’t be fooled by the word “kid” in the title.  This is an action packed series that is probably too intense for younger kids. I love how this reviewer summed them up:  “Combine the Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew with Indiana Jones, make them Christians in search of Biblical artifacts, and you’ll get the gist of these novels.”  The series follows Dr. Cooper a biblical archaeologist (and widower) and his two kids as they head out into the field.  They are full of action, adventure and showcase faith and a loving family in action.  My mom read these aloud to us as girls and we had many lively discussions about the Bible, archaeology, good vs. evil, and the spiritual realm.  I then went on to read them multiple times by myself. You can purchase them individually, buy the first four books in the series or you can buy all 8 at once.  Once you’ve read the first book to set the stage and establish the characters, each of the remaining books can really be read in any order.

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  1. I agree with you…Narnia deserves a place on everyone’s shelf. And, the LightKeepers series of books are wonderful. I haven’t heard of some you suggest…I always enjoy book recommendations. 🙂 One of our all-time favourite read-alouds is “A Little Pilgrim’s Progress” which is Bunyan’s classic work adapted for the younger reader by Helen Taylor. It is a faithful adaptation and is lengthy, but, with short chapters. Our boys would always ask for *just one more chapter* to be read. In the earliest readings of it, they were on the edge of their seats (or beds) in anticipation. Caution ~ it is a faithful rendition of the original…so, there are *scary* and intense scenes as well as sad ones ~ Faithful does die and Christian fights with nasty beasts. Sorry to take so much space in your comment section, Heather. Hugs to you! Camille

  2. Thank you for this list; I also enjoyed another book list on your blog. I really appreciate the ability to find great resources and recommendations from other Christian mothers just by googling!

  3. For younger kids Scripture Sleuth. It’s like Encyclopedia Brown but you get a clue in the form of a scripture to figure out the mystery. It encourages kids to seek the scriptures for their everyday problems.


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