The Power of Touch

Do any of you ever have really bad weeks? This week was one of those for me. Nothing seemed to go right.   I could go on and on, but I will just leave it at that and spare you all the boring, tedious details…

One manifestation of my bad week was with my 3.5 year old.  We seemed to be on a total disconnect. There were so many moments when I wanted to run from the house and hide – for a long while. I thought surely someone would revoke my ‘mommy-license’ if they were watching.

It hit the breaking point yesterday as he just repeatedly defied me, not caring whether or not he was punished for it. In fact, punishing him seemed to just spur him on…

My heart just started breaking. I started pleading with him, with myself, with God -just trying to understand him.  Something just didn’t feel right.  I asked him why he was so angry, but my little man of few words is rarely able to articulate himself when he’s upset. I’m not sure if it is an age thing, a boy thing or just a personality thing, but he simply isn’t a verbal communicator.

Finally I felt a nudge from the Lord as He dropped the memory of a sibling squabble that my sister and I had when we were young. In frustration, my mom tied us together for the day and told us that we were sisters and needed to learn how to get along -one way or another. Doing everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, together for the day helped us work through our differences and learn how to cooperate and love each other at the same time. 

So I figured I would give it a try with Keegan. Babywearing worked beautifully for us during the baby phase, so I decided to do it again with my almost 4 year old. My hips are a bit sore, but that walk we took yesterday was a healing balm to our relationship. I could feel his tension begin to dissolve as I strolled around the neighborhood with him snuggled up on my back.   Touch is a powerful thing.
Today we took another walk. And guess what?!?!? He started talking to me, whispering observations about our environment, how it made him feel and how much he loved me…
I am not a great listener, but I am learning how important it is to be attentive to the various ways that with these little men of mine (and the big one too) communicate.
Hopefully, one of these days I’ll get it figured out. In the meantime, I’m thankful for those little nudges that God gives and fresh grace.  I’m also thankful that God keeps us close like that, even when we are disobedient.  He pulls us close and showers us with love.  He extends grace, forgiveness, understanding and then power and motivation to change.  What an example I have!
(picture taken over a year ago at the zoo)

Backcarry Bliss!

I am trying not to totally drop the ball after my 1st child, by failing to note both the important and the trivial “firsts” in Treyton’s life. So for the record, today was the first time I carried Trey on my back. We both LOVED it! He has such wonderful trunk control, that we decided to try it. He hung out back there while I made dinner! There is something so special about having a child snuggled on my back. Infact, both of the older boys still love to be carried on my back! And thanks to the trusty mei tai and now my new Ergo (thanks friends!), I can carry them comfortably!
I hadn’t done a back carry with Keegan until he was 5 months old and I didn’t even know about anything except the bjorn until Xander was 8 months old…


Xander loves his Teddy. He is so tender when caring for him. We constantly see him imitating us in his care for his “baby”. It couldn’t make me more proud as I watch him build the foundation of following in the footsteps of his wonderful daddy!
I think if we let him, Teddy would go EVERYWHERE that he goes.

Here is Xander calming Teddy down because he is “cryyyyyying.”

And of course he is getting quite used to “wearing” Teddy. He usually goes for the pouch I made him.
But occasionally he requests to borrow one of my mei tai’s! (How can I refuse such a request?!?!?)

Sometimes, my inventive little boy improvises…

Of course, not everything that he does with Teddy is “daddy-approved”, but we’re working on it. He just doesn’t quite get that there are “mommy-only” things that he will never get to experience! 😉

LIFE protected!

WOW!!!!!!!!!! I still get tingles when I think about today’s Supreme Court decision. It brings back so many memories of the many fundraising scripts, letters and training speeches that I have written/given to raise money for this fight!

I was shopping at Costco when I called my mom to ask her a quick question. She asked if I had seen the news. My heart immediately sank. My first thought was that there had been another shooting similar in nature to the tragic one at Virginia Tech. She told me that I needed to get to a computer quick or turn on the news. Obviously, she couldn’t leave me hanging like that when I was out shopping, so she told me the wonderful news. Instead of more loss of innocent lives, we have made a nationwide move towards protecting life! FINALLY, the ban on the gruesome abortion procedure where a child is partially born before his skull is crushed, has been upheld. Not only that, but the majority opinion took up a profound positive position on the value of every human life. For an excellent legal perspective (from our in-house soon-to-be attorneys), check out the thoughtful comments at Mr and Mrs Miller’s blog!

In honor of this momentous day, I decided to offer my first “sale” of sorts at Sleek Mama. I’m waiving all shipping fees through Friday! At a time like this, I just want to cuddle with my babies and hopefully, I’ll enable other mom’s out there to cherish their babies in the everyday moments of getting things done! Life sure is precious!


I’ve been upstaged. I’m used to getting comments on my beautiful carriers when I travel, but this time all eyes were on Alexander. In order to make sure that he didn’t lose Teddy (and in hopes that Teddy would help him sleep on the plane), Alexander “pouched” him. He was so cute and made many new friends as we weaved our way thru the airport.

Of course, despite our best attempts, the can of apple juice that Xander drank on the plane prevailed and he wet out of his diaper big time. The result was quite comical and he didn’t get his usual “cute daddy-in-training” comments when we arrived back in Phoenix. Instead it was just strange looks and snickers…

I’m so thankful that both of us had our carriers. It makes travelling so much easier!!!

How to Get Things Done w/ a Baby…

Today was a good Keegan day! I’ve now mastered the backcarry in the mei tai with him and it makes getting errands done around the house so easy. I even had him on my back for a walk after dinner. He alternated between looking around, giggling and cuddling in closer to mommy!

Another good way to get things done is send daddy upstairs to take a nap with Keegan. Everyone wins. Two of my boys are rested from their late afternoon catnap and I was able to get dinner made and on the table with the help of my little cooker extraordinaire, Xander!