Nailing 95 Thesis…

Learning along-side my children is so much fun.  I love that in addition to the basic skills they need to aqcuire (learning how to read, write and arithmetic), everything else is so varied.  Every day is a new adventure as we learn more about the world around us.

This study of courage has taken us down many different paths. It was fun to begin talking about church history as we explored the life of Martin Luther.  We not only need courage to fight physical battles, but also to enter into the realm of thoughts and beliefs where we must hold fast to our convictions.

After reading about his life, the boys LOVED imitating the nailing of the 95 Thesis.  It was interesting to observe how each of them approached this project and their varying skill levels in getting this job done.  No tears and only a few smarting fingers afterwards.  And parental oversight is a must with an activity like this.  I discovered that the hard way when I left them to go get lunch started.  We ended up scouring the ground for a missing nail for quite a while. 

But all in all –

Hammer + Nails = Boy Bliss


Knights-in-Training - inspiration to train your young knights in chivalry {free printable}

I love those times when you stumble on a good idea.  We chose to study the middle ages for a variety of reasons.  First, our curriculum, is based around character traits and I felt the need to emphasize OBEDIENCE this semester.  Inspiring them towards obedience instead of merely addressing disobedience has been delightful and worked well for ALL of us.  (Yup, I’ve been challenged on the whole obedience front as well.)   Second, given my boys desire for bravery and battles, I knew it would be a highly interesting topic for them to study.

The deeper we delved, the more inspired they became. They wanted to emulate knights in every way…  So I decided to have them ‘train’ to become knights.   Click here to find out what we did and download your own Knights-in-Training printable!


“Mom, mom,” my middle son whispered.
I bent down to listen.
“Let’s go.  Let’s go on an adventure.” [pause] “Just you and me.  Don’t worry, mom.  I’ll be with you…”
And so began our forest adventure.
As we approached a meadow, he spotted drainage pipes going under the road.  I could hear him catch his breath and then whisper, “Danger.”
He bolted for them and stopped before he crawled inside to turn and make sure I was following.
As I skeptically inspected the pipes, he reassured me. 
“Don’t worry, I’ll keep you safe.”
He’s such a boy.  Longing for adventure and wanting to act as protector. 
With his trusty bug vacuum leading the way, we made our way thru the pipes, unharmed, and headed on our way.
Our destination?
Dinosaur bones.  Keegan’s sure of it. 🙂
“These are very dangerous.  Don’t touch, mom.”
After studying them from every possible angle, we made our way back home.
With him leading the way of course!
I love little boys…

Embracing the Chaos

My sister sent me this snippet from The Mother’s Almanac.  It made me laugh and cry at the same time, especially since I had taken my boys to the park this morning and made up a game involving running laps across the field to burn energy.  Although I thought chaos was just part and parcel of having young children in general, not just boys in sets of three! 

There must be a special place in heaven for mothers of three sons. You certainly can tell them on earth. They’re those ladies with amused, bemused faces and an amazing tolerance for disaster – for they have learned that shouting doesn’t help.

No other combination of children, not even twins, can create so much chaos or camaraderie. Even the most introspective child will join the team – them against you – and like all good players, they encourage each other to bigger feats of daring.

We recommend the advice of so many successful mothers of three boys. Give them as much outdoor playtime as possible, and indoors, set up two rooms: one for sleeping, with nothing but beds and bureaus, and the other for playing, with much climbing equipment. With three children, one is bound to be quieter than the others and he probably will need a corner somewhere else.

You will be frazzled in the early years but when your boys grow up, we think you’ll find yourself perhaps more treasured than most other mothers.

A New Skill Under My Belt

Trey received these colorful little ‘pills’ for his birthday from cousin E that grow into sponge animals when placed in warm water. The boys all love them.

Last night during bathtime, we gave each boy a pill and soon enough there were two dolphins and a dinosaur swimming around with them.

All was well until bedtime when Keegan insisted in taking two of them to bed with him. Without thinking anything of it I gave my consent. I mean, they certainly don’t pose a choking hazard.

Clearly, I don’t think like a little boy and about 20 minutes later Xander starts shrieking and calling for me. All he could scream was “Nose, Keegan’s nose.” Since Keegan is prone to bloody noses, I tore upstairs, grabbing tissue on the way.

Upon arriving in their room, I was informed that the dolphin was wedged up Keegan’s nose. I busted up laughing, despite a small part of me wondering how and if I could get it out…

Needless to say that slimy dolphin is now on its way to a final resting place in the city dump. Yuk.

And so I accomplished my first nasal extraction.

New Territory

Growing up, I was a bit of a tomboy. Because of this (despite having no brothers), I felt VERY well prepared for marriage and hoped I’d be blessed with some little boys!

I caught snakes, bugs, gutted fish, played sports, enjoyed getting dirty, blah, blah, blah. Oh and I can out eat many boys, so I understood the priority of FOOD!! I understood being tough and food. Yup, I was ready.

What I didn’t realize was that even though I did these tomboyish type things, boys are still VERY different from girls, at least my man certainly was! A good friend of mine, lent me the book, Bringing Up Boys, when I was talking to her about this perplexing person I had married. It was an eye opener.

Boys are different.

This is proved to me daily…
I’m not a big fan of killing bugs. I’ll do it and you would never find me acting scared to kill a bug, but it’s not high on my list of enjoyable activities. (Playing with live bugs or already dead bugs is one thing, but I’m not into the killing aspect.)

For my boys, though, it’s all about the kill. Killing bugs is big entertainment in these parts – especially if you can manage to do it with your bare hands!
Their combined skills netted two dead flies.
…which they proudly brought to show mommy!