Illustrating the Imagination.

We read.
…a lot.
So it would seem natural that my artist boy, especially, would want to undertake writing and illustrating his own.
Since it is so laborious for him to write at this point, I took his story down from dictation.  After deciphering how many pages we would need, I proceeded to cut and fold some card stock and running it through my sewing machine to ‘bind’ it together. 
The artist was very pleased with his book that was just waiting to be filled.  We printed his story and turned him loose with scissors, glue stick, colored pencils/markers and his imagination!

As a bonafide ‘author/illustrator’, he’s eager to write some more! 
He completed another book illustrating the animals of Mozambique for a Geography Fair we participated in recently.  I have to admit that I’m quite attached to it and got a tad bit emotional when he wanted to give it to my friend’s little girl who so graciously, along with her Nana, let us borrow some items from Mozambique for our display.