Knights In Training

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About Book

Boys. They are different. They are oftentimes loud, frequently dirty, and always seeking adventure. This book helps parents celebrate who our boys are and prepare them to become the men they long to become by challenging them to become knights-in-training, ready to take up the call to defend the weak, fight for what is right, and embody chivalry in the 21st century.

Despite the media’s portrayal of boys as brats, bullies, or hopelessly zoned out video game addicts, parents aspire to better things for their sons. As one mom put it, “I’m raising him to NOT be a punk.” While we certainly know what we don’t want for our boys, what is it that we do want? What core values should motivate our boys as they interact with their family, friends, and community? How do we help them internalize these values? In an age in which respect and honor seem like distant and antiquated relics, how can we equip this generation of boys to pursue valor and courageously put the needs of others before their own?

Knights in Training answers these questions and provides a roadmap to inspire parents and their boys by captivating the imagination and honoring their love for adventure. Threads of this noble code of chivalry wove its way into the beautiful tapestry of medieval European culture. It inspired pages and squires in their quest to become knights; and existing knights were reminded to hold fast to this ideal.

Are your boys ready for the chivalry challenge? When we issue the challenge and give boys the reasons why it is worth pursuing, we step forward on an incredible journey towards raising the kind of boys who, just like the knights of old, make an impact in their world now and for the rest of their lives.

Table of Contents

PART 1: The Boy Raising Adventure

  1. Charting a New Path
  2. Why We Don’t Want to Raise Typical Boys
  3. Boys Are Different

PART 2: The Chivalry Challenge

  1. Knights in Training: Stoking the Fires of a Lifelong Quest
  2. Physical Training for the Quest
  3. The Code: Love God
  4. The Code: Obey
  5. The Code: Stand Against Injustice
  6. The Code: Protect the Weak
  7. The Code: Respect Women
  8. The Code: Don’t Give Offense
  9. The Code: Speak Truth
  10. The Code: Be Generous
  11. The Code: Persevere
  12. The Code: Pursue Excellence

PART 3: Continuing the Quest

  • Raising Modern Day Knights is a Long-Term Quest

Resources for the Quest

Knights Code of Chivalry Printable Poster

Knights Code of Chivalry Progress Chart