How to Get the Most Out of Your Read-Aloud Time

So you want to read aloud to your kids more...  You understand how important that can be... Where, oh where do you start with growing those precious times of reading aloud to your kids? Here are 6 ways to cultivate your read-aloud times! 1. Keep … [Continue reading]

Why play is so powerful: Easter edition

Reading and playtime.  They are two powerful forces that shape our minds and tug at our hearts. Read great books to your kids and you ignite the imagination. Encourage play and you take that imagination to a whole new level that cements learning into … [Continue reading]

Why It’s So Vitally Important to Read-Aloud to our Kids!

Reading aloud is an honored tradition.  Reading together is such a special and intimate activity that we get to do with our children. But with so many things competing for a family's attention these days it is easy to put it on the back … [Continue reading]

Learning to Cast our Cares…

Lessons for Him, Lessons for Me... “I just can’t do it,” he shrieked completely losing control of his emotions. What should have been a quick, easy task has ended in a fit of tears.  I battle frustration. As I sat talking to this then 6 year … [Continue reading]

Letting Go of Picture Perfect

I called them in, these boys of mine.  We were studying the tabernacle at the time.  Visions of this exquisite, picture-perfect, to-scale model of the tabernacle were floating around in my head like the one I created during my junior high years with … [Continue reading]

Restoring Chivalry and Civility {free printable}

My book, Knights in Training, inspired from this foray into the realm of chivalry comes out on May 30th, 2017! Find out more HERE!  A couple of months ago, a reporter from the New York Times contacted me because of a free printable I offered. She … [Continue reading]

I am MOTHER – protector of childhood…

Childhood is so fleeting.  Seasons come and go.  Life is full of crazy ups and occasional lulls...  And yet time marches on. And here we are, mothers.  We welcome these children into our arms and into our hearts.  We love them, nourish them, train … [Continue reading]

My love/hate relationship with preschool art: Kwik Stix to the Rescue

Can I just be honest right now?  I have a love/hate relationship with art.  I've never really cared for "craft" projects with preschoolers because it means that I get to make the craft while my antsy toddler or preschooler watches.  Doesn't that sort … [Continue reading]

A homeschool mom’s guide to taking sick days without going crazy!

I hate getting sick. I always have, but as a mom, this loathing has reached epic proportions. We simply do not have the time to get sick. Ever.  Any mom of young kids knows that life at home can go from order to absolute chaos in what seems like the … [Continue reading]

How to Read-Aloud When You Can’t Read-Aloud

I'm here to tell you a story, my friends.  A story that encompasses much of the last several months...  A story that helps explain why I've been so silent here on my blog. {Oh how I've missed y'all.} I've been sick more in the last several months … [Continue reading]