Guess Who? President’s Edition

Download this FREE Printable and play a rousing game of Guess Who: President's Edition. Pictures, fact sheets to help with asking questions.
 ** UPDATED 2017 **

“Who is the 12th president, Mommy?”

“Millard Fillmore?”

{snickers…} “No Mommy, it’s Zachary Taylor.”

Nothing like getting drilled from the back seat while running errands.  Even the four year old has memorized most of the presidents by face and can recognize their numbers in our little flip book that we keep in the car…

As the presidential election nears, we’ve been learning about our nations’ presidents.  What better way to test our new-found knowledge of these presidents than with a game!

I’ll be honest up front and let you know that it isn’t perfect.  After spending HOURS working on this, I printed it out the night before our cabin getaway and discovered up there that they were a bit too small.  Thankfully, we were able to slip the cards under the prongs on one end which actually makes it easier to swap out as we mix and match the different presidents to make an always changing game board.

Because we aren’t total presidential trivia experts, I put together some information pages to aid in asking and answering questions.  We did not allow questions on appearance, but focused on facts.  Something along the lines of “Is your president a Republican?” is usually one of the first questions, followed by “Did he serve in the military?” or “Did he die in office?” or “Was he a vice-president first?” “Does he appear on a US coin or currency?”

It is nice having the answers handy!

We borrowed Guess Who from a friend and set up to play! We are hooked and need to now buy our own Guess Who? game!

Here is how we play it:

  • Print President cards –  1 large set and 2 small sets. Laminating or using contact paper will help these last longer
  • Cut out cards.  We colored the back of one set to help keep the two sets differentiated.  If I had thought about it, I would have printed this on scrapbooking paper that was white on one side…
  • Print the info sheets (included with the download for the small set) for help with narrowing down the field.
  • Select 24 presidents for each board and slide them into place.  Gather 24 corresponding large cards.
  • Each player selects a president.
  • The questions begin.
    • Must be a question that can be answered with a yes or no.
    • No questions based on appearance as in the original “Guess Who” game.
    • No guessing of presidents.  Must narrow it down to one by asking questions based on what you know about that president.
  • Be prepared to play over and over and over again!

{As a courtesy, please do not link directly to the download files.  Feel free to pin or link to this tutorial if you want to recommend it.}

Ok, I’m off to bed.  My poor little girl is trying to cut those first teeth and it’s been keeping her up at night…

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For more fun:


Painting and Pinning Patriotism

Tips on this very easy-to-do craft that has beautiful results!  Perfect for #FlagDay or the Fourth of July!
With Independence Day right around the corner, the boys asked to repeat both of these activities that we did back in April when studying the American War for Independence.

We love watercoloring.  I like it because the mess is minimal and the boys like it because of the flexibility they have with varying the depth and variety of color.  As we learned about Betsy Ross, I decided that we should paint flags.

To get our white starts we used our white colored pencil (a white crayon would also work) to draw the thirteen starts.  The boys loved painting that square blue and watching the stars magically appear!  There is something so peaceful about watercoloring.  Watercolors and our Lyra colored pencils are my two favorite art mediums!  Of course the four year old took a good deal of creative license with his flag!

I’m always looking to include fine motor skill work into our days and so we pulled out our pin-punching activity that we utilized when “Pinning Down Africa.”  The boys were mesmerized with pricking holes in the star outline and then punching it out.  It kept them occupied for almost an hour while I read to them.  What better way to help them work on that correct pencil grip than with fun ‘work’ such as this!

Using a classic montessori "pin-pushing" activity with a patriotic twist.  Excellent for developing #FineMotorSkills.

What are your plans for the Fourth of July?  I think we’re going to go outside (early) and read the Declaration of Independence and pretend that we were there on that momentous day.  It is supposed to rain on Wednesday which means the humidity will be up to around 45%, so the mugginess will only add to the effect.  If we close our eyes and imagine big leafy green trees everywhere I think we’ll just about have it!

Of course BBQ pork, homemade coleslaw, watermelon, swimming and fireworks are on the agenda for that evening!