Good News Relay

Have a "Good News" relay race for some active St. Patrick's Day fun!The kids are super excited that their cousins will be making their way from cold Michigan out to sunny Arizona.  We are excitedly preparing for their arrival.  With St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday, I thought it would be fun to pull out our favorite Tomie dePaola book on this man and then have some great hands-on fun.

He passionately spread the love of Jesus all across Ireland.  So what better way to celebrate than to imitate St. Patrick in spreading the good news of God’s love for us with a relay race and passing on the ‘message’!

We made another baton since the one pictured above was from several years ago.  Luckily I had a paper towel tube.  We set about tracing and cutting out shamrocks and then placing them on packing tape and securing them to our baton.

GoodNewsSt. Patrick's Good News Relay Race

And then of course, we had to set out and give it a good practice run.  It took the boys a couple of times to remember to speak the briefly speak the message in addition to merely handing off the baton.  But I think we’ll have it down by Sunday… We’ve been talking a lot about the Good News over here and the boys had fun brainstorming who they could share the love of Jesus with in real life.

Now I just need to go through all those St. Patrick’s Day art projects I’ve pinned and pick one…

Have a wonderful weekend and may the Good News go forth in your lives and touch those around you!

St. Patrick's Good News Relay Race

St. Patrick's Good News Relay Race | St. Patrick's Good News Relay Race

St. Patrick

Today, we invited some friends over for some St. Patrick’s Day fun.  Getting together for a learning ‘playdate’ is always a hit!  Of course, I forgot my camera when we had friends over for activities, but here are as few with the finished products!

If you haven’t fallen under the spell of Tomie dePaola, I highly encourage checking them out!   We love Patrick – Patron Saint of England.

But don’t just take my word for it. Stephanie over at The Little Stuff of Life gave it rave reviews today as well.

We started our time gathering in a circle and reading this book and then followed up with talking about the legend of St. Patrick using the shamrock to illustrate the trinity to the people of Ireland.  It was a fun introduction to the concept of God in three persons that can even boggle our minds at times.

Afterwards, we then went and made some shamrocks of our own by letting the kids cut out green hearts.  Since they were so young, I had traced them earlier.  The older ones were turned loose with scissors and the younger one’s had help from their mom.
And then imitated St. Patrick in taking the good news of God’s love for us with a relay race and passing on the ‘message’! The little ones just sort of ran around, but the older one’s actually enjoyed racing and telling each other of God’s love!

Xander wanted to show off the “Good News” baton.
We finished off our morning with some shamrock cookies. (Sorry no pictures. Too yummy!)

Our boys have also enjoyed reading the following books about leprechauns! It’s so cute to see them looking about for ‘little people’!

Clever Tom and the Leprechaun: An Old Irish Story
The Leprechaun’s Gold
Tim O’Toole and the Wee Folk: An Irish Tale 
Seal Maiden: A Celtic Musical – Ahhhhhhhh… a good Irish fairytale. The boys especially like the song about the seal maiden biting the heads off of the wriggly, wriggle eels (You can catch a bit of the song on the Amazon link). As a girl, I would have been mesmerized with the ‘love’ part of the tale. Boys and girls are VERY different.

For me: How the Irish Saved Civilization  
Next year, if I’m up for feeling more crafty, I might try one of these creative ideas:

All that’s left of our fun green day is to head on over to my parents for some Corned Beef and Cabbage. She didn’t receive the name “Colene” for nothing. Gotta love my roots! (My Irish grandfather loved the name Keegan -“little fiery one”. He knew several Keegan’s in his Irish Catholic school growing up…)